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  1. Defining Digital Literacy: Do the labels matter? How has the English classroom changed? Anyone want this?
  2. Take Will's New Rules and Rip Them Up! Susan Carter Morgan
  3. Finding their Voice Jamie Britto and Val Siff
  4. Copyright Clarity
  5. Can Cell Phones Help Students Learn? Jamie Britto
  6. Creating a curriculum review and development system. Link to site created for this unconference. > David Carpenter (ACDS)
  7. Creating Place Marks to Teach Literature, Social Studies, and Art with Google Earth - Robin Ricketts
  8. A Day in the Life of 1:1 iPads. - Melissa Scott
  9. Heidi Hayes Jacobs says: "As educators our challenge is to match the needs of our learners to a world that is changing with great rapidity." What does this mean for us? For curriculum? For assessment?
  10. Digital Storytelling Help reluctant writers find their voice! Patti Grayson
  11. Twitter Do you tweet? Do your students? What's so great about Twitter? Patti Grayson
  12. Is Haiku for you? Joe Peacock
  13. Classrooms or "Learning Spaces" of Tomorrow?
  14. Love this idea from edcampNYC: Choices
  15. Lots of ideas from edcampNYC